Mark Jones – Experiencing And Extending Forgiveness

Forgiveness: A Vital Key Toward A Vibrant Relationship

“He, who is forgiven the greatest, loves the most.”
(See Luke 7:41-43)

I’ve always been intrigued by the story of the unforgiving servant in Matthew 18. Think about it; here’s a man who owed his master a huge amount of money. Pleading for mercy, he went to his master and was granted forgiveness for the debt that he owed. Afterwards, instead of humbly living a life that was filled with an attitude of gratitude that extended to others, he went and found someone who owed him relatively little compared with what he’d been forgiven from and treated his friend harshly.

As I write this, I’m aware of the depth of gratitude I owe because of the sins which God has forgiven me. However, at times when I’ve been wronged, I’ve gotten angry and it was not easy for me to forgive what the person had done to me.

In light of my being forgiven greatly, I should always forgive greatly.

Well, you may say, “I don’t have trouble forgiving others, I just can’t forgive myself!” Many people are weighed down by the guilt and inability to forgive themselves. In reality, it is God’s forgiveness that we should truly seek.

Are you struggling with forgiveness today? If so, I would love the opportunity to help you work through this difficult journey. Withholding forgiveness can weigh you down and enslave you for years, give me a call and lets’ begin the road to freedom.

Mark Jones

Mark earned his Master’s Degree in Christian Education in 1992 from Dallas Theological Seminary. He is a Board-Certified, Faith-Based Clinical Counselor. He has taught and lead worship around the country and ministered in North America, Africa and India. He serves as Chairman of the Board for Shabby Chic Ministries,, based in Dallas, Texas. He has been in full-time pastoral ministry for 27 years. Mark has been married to his beautiful wife Rebecca for over 23 years and together they have 4 wonderful children, ranging in ages from 21 years old to 2 years old. As pastor on the Staff at Trinity Bible Church in Richardson, Texas, Mark serves as the pastor of Worship and Prayer and has a growing ministry in counseling, both to members of the church and the community at large.