The Details of Asperger’s Syndrome

LaShondra Manning play therapy counselor

Hello, I am LaShondra Manning, a therapist at Lifetree specializing in treatment for teens and tweens.  While pursuing my doctorate degree, I’ve been able to study some of the more challenging diagnoses’ in the realm of therapeutic treatment, including Aspberger’s Syndrome. I have discovered a lot more about this syndrome recently, both through my intensive…

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Stress: How to Relieve Stress on a Daily Basis

Life Tree Counseling Kathleen Mills

Stress is an integral part of everyone’s life, and it may be helpful to a certain extent because it mobilizes your internal resources and motivation to accomplish your daily tasks. However, too much stress can be overwhelming, can create panic and dramatically reduce your productivity and mental well-being.  Here are three simple stress relieving tips…

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