SYMBIS Pre-Marital Counseling 1

Kathleen Mills, LPC-S

SYMBIS Pre-Marital Counseling and Post-Marital Counseling Programs

Is your spiritual adviser or a government entity requiring pre-marital counseling prior to delivering their blessing or marriage license? The SYMBIS Pre-Marital Counseling program may be exactly what you need. It's always a good idea to seek wise counsel from those that have previously traveled the path in front of you. Wise people ask more experienced people where the potholes are and how best to avoid them.

So, if you're looking for a pre-marital program, or Texas TwoGether Certification, we can help you with both. Or if you've been married a few years and just need to talk some things out we can help you there, too.

No matter what your marital issue needs are I'll bet we can help you.

Please note:  EAP/Insurance does not cover this type of short-term counseling. (Self-pay only, please.)

How Do We Utilize The SYMBIS Program at Life Tree Counseling?

SYMBIS Pre-Marital Counseling 2This economical 5 session model is priced at a total of $550.00. That's $110.00 per one hour session. (Compare that to what most marriage counselors charge, $175-300, for a one-hour session.)

The SYMBIS Pre-Marital Counseling program is designed for couples who are in the pre-marital stage, in the first few years of marriage, or are thinking about re-marriage. Each stage has it's own issues.  We will incorporate the SYMBIS assessment, while addressing those specific differences in each of the categories listed below. Each session is one hour in length and after work times are available.

To get started, please call Kathleen Mills at: 972.234.6634 ext 104.

TwoGether in Texas

Need TwoGether in Texas Certification?

Yes, we can help you with that. Texas requires 8 hours of approved counseling in order to be awarded the TwoGether in Texas certificate. The SYMBIS program outlined above is approved for that certification! It's 5, 1-hour office setting appointments (no telehealth) and we'll assign you an additional 3 hours of approved homework to get you to 8 hours and your TwoGether in Texas certificate.

You ready to get started?

To get started, please call Kathleen Mills at
972-234-6634 ext 104