How Do We Utilize The SYMBIS Program at Life Tree Counseling?

More importantly is why we utilize the SYMBIS program, and that's because it works!

SYMBIS works for three reasons:

  1. It celebrates your decision to get married and grow old togetherSYMBIS Marital Counseling 2
  2. It takes a very positive approach to marriage counseling and celebrates the perfect combination with your best friend forever
  3. It reviews differences and pain points in a very positive and contextual manner, that emphasis positive resolution to things that are difficult to address, especially in a pre-marital format.

In short, it gives peace, joy, and a fuller understanding about why you chose your special forever person.

We utilize the program in the (3) areas listed below.

Pre-Marital Counseling For 1st-Timers | $550

Is your spiritual adviser or a government entity requiring pre-marital counseling prior to delivering their blessing or marriage license? Even if they don't it's just simply a good idea to seek wise counsel from those that have previously traveled the path in front of you. Wise people ask more experienced people where the potholes are and how best to avoid them.

Jump-Start Program For Newly-Marrieds | $475

The first few years of a marriage can be difficult. Getting off to a solid start is not easy and no one has all the answers, but purposefully seeking the experience of someone you can trust that's been there before will save you a lot of heart-ache. Build a solid, level foundation and the rest of your matrimonial "house" will go up so much easier and better. Think of The Jump-Start Program as the sequel to Pre-Marital Counseling.

Re-Marriage Counseling For 2nd-Timers | $475

An area of marital counseling that may be even more important is for those planning to marry a 2nd time. Obviously something didn't work out the 1st time around and so for the very same set of reasons that pre-marital counseling is a wise idea for 1st timers, the extra baggage you now bring in to your 2nd marital attempt makes pre-marital counseling a doubly good bet to make.

EAP /Insurance does not cover this type of short-term counseling.

Ready To Get Started?

Step 1 | Request A Call

Your first step is to request an initial conference call with one of our Certified SYMBIS Facilitators. Just fill in the form below, click the "Request a SYMBIS Call" button and we'll get back to you within a couple hours.

We're going to have a 15-minute discussion with both of you to determine if the SYMBIS program is a good match for you, then we'll move on to Step 2. Go ahead. It's easy!

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Step 2 | The Assessment

After your qualification call you will be emailed an access code and link in order to access and complete your SYMBIS Assessments. Have fun!

Once you've both completed your assessments your Facilitator/Counselor will need a few days to review them carefully. Then you'll receive a call from her with the green-light to return to Step 3 on this page and schedule the instructed number of sessions with your Facilitator.

Step 3 | Your Sessions

Okay, time to schedule your sessions with your facilitator and let the fun begin. Just click on the scheduling box below and pick your dates. Easy!