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Dr. Colin Ross Discusses Counseling Methods With Kathleen

SUMMARY: In this episode of “It’s Just Coffee”, hosts Phillip Crum, Content Marketing Coach and Kathleen Mills of Lifetree Counseling discuss psychiatric treatment of trauma and related disorders with Colin Ross, MD, of Timberlawn Hospital in Dallas. They further discuss his model of treatment, which involves a combination of cognitive, psychoanalytic, and experiential therapies. Episode…

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StoneGate Center Sends Robert Shryoc To Talk With Kathleen!

SUMMARY: In this edition of “It’s Just Coffee”, hosts Phillip Crum and Kathleen Mills talk with Robert Shryoc about the drug and alcohol rehabilitation program at Stonegate Center in Parker County, Texas. Episode #14 | Kathleen Mills Talks With Robert Shryoc, StoneGate Center Speakers: Kathleen Mills-Proprietor, Counselor at Life Tree Counseling Phillip Crum-The Content Marketing…

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Drug Addiction Discussed | Jelena Simpson & Kathleen Mills

SUMMARY: Join Kathleen Mills and her co-host, Phillip Crum of Content Marketing Coach as they interview Jelena Simpson, Marketing Director for The Ranch at Dove Tree, about drug addiction in the state of Texas.  In this podcast, Jelena  talks about the mental health/drug rehab industry in the TX panhandle, and other points of interest. Find out more…

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