Mark Jones – Unanswered Questions Of Life

WhyWhy? Dealing With The Unknown And Unanswered Questions In Life.

Why? It’s a question that’s been asked by thousands of people across the globe and many perhaps sitting not too far from you. Why did my son die in a helicopter drill in Iraq? Why did my husband/wife leave me after all of these years? Why did I get laid off? Why didn’t God stop that drunk driver before he hit my baby? Why do I have cancer? Why won’t my children talk to me anymore?

I’ve asked many why questions and I’m sure you have too. During my journey through life, however, I’ve yet for God to give me every reason why. I find comfort in God’s Word where we see “the reason” for certain individuals’ journey through the pain. We see Joseph’s journey though abandonment in order to set the stage for the movement of God’s children to Egypt. Later we see Daniel’s journey in the lion’s den so that God’s power could be revealed. Then we see our Lord Jesus’ journey to the cross to provide for our salvation.

My friend, as you are seeking answers to your “why” questions, do not be discouraged if the seeming silence is deafening, rather, ask God to help you set your discouragement aside and rest in the powerful truth that “I AM” is right by your side in the midst of your circumstances.

Are you facing some whys? Come and see me and we’ll explore what God’s Word has to offer you in this journey.

Mark Jones

Mark earned his Master’s Degree in Christian Education in 1992 from Dallas Theological Seminary. He is a Board-Certified, Faith-Based Clinical Counselor. He has taught and lead worship around the country and ministered in North America, Africa and India. He serves as Chairman of the Board for Shabby Chic Ministries,, based in Dallas, Texas. He has been in full-time pastoral ministry for 27 years. Mark has been married to his beautiful wife Rebecca for over 23 years and together they have 4 wonderful children, ranging in ages from 21 years old to 2 years old. As pastor on the Staff at Trinity Bible Church in Richardson, Texas, Mark serves as the pastor of Worship and Prayer and has a growing ministry in counseling, both to members of the church and the community at large.