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The Path To A Successful Internship, For The Next Generation of Counselors!

So you're looking for a supervisor, are you?

Finding one can feel like, "looking for a needle in a haystack", can't it? Right now, you don't know what to ask, you don't really know if the Supervisor-Candidate(s) really have your best interests at heart, and you don't know what you don't know!

Sound familiar?

What you do know, is that you must find a Supervisor first, before you can get a job and begin acquiring the 3000 hours needed in order to be fully licensed. This is overwhelming for some, worrisome for most, and you are not alone.

How Do You Narrow Down The Field of Supervisor-Candidates?

Well, the first question should be, how do you find them in the first place? Google? Friend referrals? Sounds a lot like a game of chance to me. Do you really want to leave the direction of your professional path purely to chance? I don't think so. What you need is a short-list of experienced Supervisors, with a similar mind-set, in your area to interview.

Before we go on you need to know this...

Like a lot of other groups of people in life, there are two groups
of Supervisors that you'll encounter:

Those that are primarily in it to give back and mentor
the next generations' professional aspirations, and...

Those that are in it for the money.

If your plans include finding a mentor that will let you skate by on minimums then you'll need to stop right now and look elsewhere, because I belong firmly in that first group, as does anyone I might recommend to you.

Finding Supervisors To Interview

Keeping in mind the two groups of Supervisor-Candidates mentioned above, being “equally yoked” is crucial to fulfilling your professional objectives. Your job is to find both a Supervisor who gets you, and a JOB that fits you! The road to becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor runs right through a long and detailed internship.

So, I'm going to run with the assumption that you're looking for a Supervisor in Group #1 above. The bad news is that there is no public list of outstanding Level #1 Supervisors to be had. Sure, you can download a list of Supervisors from the State website but there's no way to tell what their teaching mind-set is or if they're even accepting new Interns without calling and interviewing them all. You don't have time for that.

That brings us back to WOM (word-of-mouth) referrals. You need a handful of Level #1 candidates that are accepting new Interns, in your area, OR will know other Level #1 Supervisor-Candidates that are. That's a pretty tough list to come by. But I'm going to give it to you as my gift to you and your future.

Level #1 Supervisor-Candidates To Network With and Interview, In the DFW Metro Area

Kathleen Mills-Black Sweater 250x250

Kathleen Mills


Jessica Martinez 500x500

Jessica Martinez


Sharon Beam LPC Sb

Sharon Beam


RhondaJohnson2 250x250

Dr Rhonda Johnson
RPT-S, TBRI-Trained

Ft Worth

Lori Vann 300x300

Lori Vann


Osiris Wade 500x500

Osiris Wade


LaShondra Manning 250 x 250

Dr. Lashondra Manning

Fort Worth

Nevart-Bio-Pic 250x250b

Nevart Willborn
M.Ed., LPC S


Lee Ann Heath LPC S 500x500

LeeAnn Heath


Susan Schlosser 450x450

Susan Schlosser-Shepard

Ft Worth

Andrea Schultz 500x500

Andrea Schultz M.Ed.


Will Alexander LPC-S

Will Alexander


How To Interview Those Supervisor-Candidates

You need to understand that these are two-way interviews. You're looking to see if they would make a good mentor for you on both professional and personal levels, and they're looking for "the consummate student". More on that in a moment.

If we choose to work together, here is some of what you will learn with me:

What It Means To Be A Counselor
[ ] Basics of Internship-A Proper Framework
[ ] The Fundamentals of Professionalism
[ ] Overcoming Stigmas About Our Profession
[ ] Clinical Training/Supervision

Finding A Job
[ ] How To Construct Your Story
[ ] How To Properly Market Yourself
[ ] How To Find A Job
[ ] The Art of The Interview

Opening A Practice
[ ] Business Plans/Models
[ ] Malpractice/Liability Insurance Coverages

Practice Marketing
[ ] Websites
[ ] Inbound Marketing

Federal Law and Compliance
[ ] HIPPA Compliance

State Law and Compliance
[ ] The Texas LPC Rules Section: Interpret & Understand
[ ] Chapter 611: Release Of Record
[ ] The Complaint Process
[ ] Family Law Issues
[ ] BHEC Transitions

Industry Compliance
[ ] Industry Compliance-PCI Compliance

Wouldn't it be smarter to work from a check-list of specifics that you're looking for in a "like-minded Supervisor"? I suggest that you hop on over to, subscribe, then download and use the list we've put together for you as your personal interview check-list when interviewing your Supervisor-Candidates.

On Being Interviewed

This relationship has to be good for the Supervisor, too. They're looking for certain character traits that make a good student. Here are three things I look for and require in/from my interns:

  1. Accountability. Able to Make Self Corrections Along The Way.
  2. Ambition. Must Be Self-Motivated & A Go-Getter.
  3. Resourcefulness. Willing to Learn About Real World of The Counseling Profession.

This relationship has to be a Win-Win for both parties. In addition to the character attributes listed above, when being interviewed it is always best to present yourself as if you've already thoughtfully considered the important questions about your interests and your future. After all, you have had 4+ years to do that! Download the list of questions below, craft your responses to them and vocalize them out loud several times so they sound natural to your ear. Do NOT try and memorize them.

(This checklist coming very soon!)

On Working With Me

Should we end up working together, the immediate purpose of our time will be to prepare you to find a JOB, so you can succeed…now, not after you get fully credentialed.  From there we will further prepare you for your career through the extensive list of training topics noted above that you are not likely to get anywhere else.

You will receive a PracticeMentors Intern Notebook, with all kinds of goodies in it, designed to help you keep everything organized before, during, and after those 3000 direct/indirect hours.

"Kathleen is an extremely empowering supervisor. She not only encourages you,
but she equips you with the skills and knowledge necessary to be a great clinician.

--Katie Joray, LPC Intern, Supervised by Kathleen Mills, LPC S, CEAP

"Thank you so much! I feel a bit more prepared to take on the world after graduation
(after reading this page). I had a couple of friends in the master's program drop out because the thought
of all the work that happens after graduating was not their cup of tea. I'm so sad they didn't get to read
what you wrote, but I will refer my classmates to read it and hopefully,
they feel the same kind of peace and calm that I do now."

--Alessandra Montes, Recent Graduate

What Separates You From The Other Interns?

Absolutely nothing, unless you know how to professionally tell your story to others. This is where you will begin to separate yourself from the rest of the Intern pack. It’s called being vulnerable with your story so you can get a paying gig right away. Many Interns struggle because they do not have the vision or guidance to begin to tell their story of why they do what they do.

We are going to spend our time together and begin the process of crafting your story as it pertains to why you have chosen to be a counselor. People don’t care what you do, rather, they want to know what makes you tick… your story. Every upcoming counselor has a story and it's time to share it with those employers and future clients of yours.

Case Study

Listen to podcast Episode #28 we did with Jordan Dunn as he outlines what he did in preparation for his 3000 hour journey, and see if the questions he poses to me are some that you might be wrestling with as well. Today, I am happy to report he is now fully licensed and he did this in an 18-20 month period. He did what he needed to do, and that was work from the bottom to get to the top. It works, every time.

What's Next?

Spend some time with these three thoughts before you begin your search for that perfect Supervisor.

  1. What Do I Want To Accomplish? (Be Specific)
  2. What Does It Look Like? (Be Specific)
  3. What Am I Willing To Do To Get To Where I Say I Want To Go? (Be Honest)

Give me a call if you have any questions at: 972.234.6634 ext 101. NO emails, please. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Plan Smart. Be Safe. Serve Others.

Kathleen Mills LPC S, CEAP

Kathleen Mills-300
Kathleen's Signature-Full Name-450 x 154
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