Kids Sexting

Parents Please Read And Take Heed
Parents do you know what your kids are saying when they use abbreviations and acronyms? It is disturbing that can be said via text and chat and people do not know what the abbreviation means.

Detective Mike Harris from the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office informed 7News that cracking the codes kids use isn’t about being cool, it is about keeping them safe.  Harris makes a living posing as children online to catch internet predators in the act, but the perverted criminals are even better than he is at talking to the kids at their level.

Here are a few of the abbreviations:
8 – means ate or can also refer to oral sex
9- Parent watching
99 -Parent gone
143- I love you
1174 – the meeting place, meet at
420- marijuana
53X- sex
ADR- address
AEAP- as early as possible
ALAP- as late as possible
ASL- age, sex, location
Broken- hung over from alcohol
CD9- Code 9- it means the parents are around
GNOC- get naked on camera
GYOP- get your pants off
IWSN- I want sex now
KPC- keeping parents clueless
LMIRL- lets meet in real life
MorF- male or female
MOS- mom over shoulder
MPFB- my personal F*** buddy
P911- parent alert
NIFOC- nude in front of computer
Q2C – quick to cum
RU/18- are you over 18
PIR- parent in room
PAW- parents are watching
PRON- porn
RUH-are you horny
TDTM- talk dirty to me
WYCM- will you call me
WUF- where you from
WYRN- what’s your real name.

What to do if you see your child is sexting? Don’t be angry, blaming, or shocked or horrified. Don’t start by issuing a punishment of restrictions, kids will sneak and do it. Help them understand social media and begin a discussion about sex. This is a time to share your values about relationships and sex. Talking openly and frankly about sex lets your kids know that you will be there to help them when they are in a situation they cannot handle. (Rachel Busman, PsyD., Huffington Post)


Kathleen Mills

Kathleen is a creative and gifted therapist who has extensive experience in helping children, adolescents, and adults with a variety of issues.