Let the Parenting Begin!

Parenting Group

If you are having trouble with the relationship you share with your child, you may feel frustrated, confused, and hopeless.  If traditional therapy venues aren’t a good fit or don’t produce successful results in your situation, you should consider child parent relationship therapy as a new path.  A research-based weekly parenting course, it teaches parents how to use some of the same skills that play therapists use to help children experiencing social, emotional, or behavioral problems.  This group is designed specifically for parents with children ages, 4-9.

If you can answer “Yes” to any of the following questions, this group is for you:

  • As a parent, do you feel like you have lost control?
  • Do you find yourself yelling at your child more often than laughing with your child?
  • Do you feel you have lost touch with your child?  You don’t feel as close as you’d like?
  • Do you feel frustrated and find yourself saying the same things over and over again with no results?
  • Would you like for your relationship with your child to go back to the “way it used to be?”

Through the group, parents will learn how to:

  • Regain control as a parent
  • Help their child develop self-control
  • Effectively discipline and limit inappropriate behavior
  • Understand their child’s emotional needs
  • Communicate more effectively with their child

Parents can expect to see a noticeable difference in:

  • Their relationship with their child
  • Their child’s behavior
  • Their ability to respond effectively
  • Their confidence in their parenting skills

I look forward to serving you as you regain a closer relationship with your child.  Let the Parenting begin!

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Kathleen Mills

Kathleen is a creative and gifted therapist who has extensive experience in helping children, adolescents, and adults with a variety of issues.