Mark Jones – Experiencing And Extending Forgiveness

Forgiveness: A Vital Key Toward A Vibrant Relationship “He, who is forgiven the greatest, loves the most.” (See Luke 7:41-43) I’ve always been intrigued by the story of the unforgiving servant in Matthew 18. Think about it; here’s a man who owed his master a huge amount of money. Pleading for mercy, he went to…

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Mark Jones – Unanswered Questions Of Life

Why? Dealing With The Unknown And Unanswered Questions In Life. Why? It’s a question that’s been asked by thousands of people across the globe and many perhaps sitting not too far from you. Why did my son die in a helicopter drill in Iraq? Why did my husband/wife leave me after all of these years?…

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Mark Jones – Living By Faith

Mark Jones - Living By Faith 1

Living By Faith Regardless Of Your Circumstances   How do you have faith when all is lost? How do you have faith when there seems to be no hope in the midst of your present circumstances or relationships? True faith is indeed forsaking everything else and trusting completely in God. However, there is another requirement…

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Bridging the Divide: A Closer Look at Family Counseling

Bridging the Divide: A Closer Look at Family Counseling 2

One of the hardest parts of trying to lead or support a family is the conflict that inevitably pops up along the journey of life. Because the simple fact that no one in the world is perfect always holds true, it’s impossible to have a marriage or family life that is devoid of issues and…

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Before You Head Down the Aisle: How Pre-Marital Counseling Can Help You

Before You Head Down the Aisle: How Pre-Marital Counseling Can Help You 3

Pre-marital counseling is a way for engaged couples meet and have multiple sessions, typically, with a licensed marriage counselor. The purpose for this counseling is to make couples aware of issues they may not have considered when thinking about and planning for marriage. The sessions encourage the engaged couple to communicate with each other, open…

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Christian Counseling | Options For Christian Counseling Seekers

What is Faith Based Counseling? When you hear the terms Christian counseling and faith based counseling, some confusion may occur.  What is the difference anyway? It’s truly quite simple to explain. Christian counseling for individuals, marital Christian counseling, or family Christian counseling, is focused on finding support and solutions to the concerns clients bring in,…

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Is Christian Counseling Something that I Need?

Is Christian Counseling Something that I Need? 4

Counseling for Christian Couples Counseling can help if you and your spouse are encountering some difficulties in communicating. Christian couples counseling can also help if both, you and your partner, desire to improve upon the relationship. The meaning of the word therapy means “change”.  This specified type of therapy can be a wonderful and beneficial option, when the way things are currently do not…

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Faith Based Counseling

Faith based counseling is implemented when individuals feel the need to incorporate their faith into their recovery through psychotherapy.  Statistic data obtained through a survey conducted by the American Association of Pastoral Counselors (AAPC) reveals that 83 percent of Americans believe in a strong connection between their religious views or spiritual beliefs and their mental…

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Faith-Based Therapy: Does it Really Make a Difference?

Life Tree Counseling Kathleen Mills

Faith-Based Therapy Patients often ask me about the benefits that faith-based therapy offers over traditional therapy. Ultimately, the answer comes comes down to the individual, and how much faith factors into their daily lives. As therapists, we see many people seek our services because of some external circumstance, i.e., behavior of themselves or someone they…

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