Kathleen Mills

My Areas of Practice Focus

Holistic Mental Health

Health is so much more than a medication regimen. It involves prevention not just symptom management, it involves a team of like-minded people working with you to achieve your objectives, it involves your whole body! Click this box to find out more.

Transgender Parents

Your child wants to be what? The teachers, doctors, and counselors tell you you're to blame and you must affirm the madness? I'm telling you to fight back for your child and don't give in. They need you now more than ever! Click this box to find out more.

Marital Issues

Looking for pre-marital counseling? Been married awhile and just need to talk it out? I offer programs through SYMBIS and TwoTogether in Texas. A successful marriage is not easy and sometimes we just need to talk. Click this box to find out more.

Where Have Our Critical Thinking Skills Gone?

Kathleen Mills LPC-S

Wisdom. Listen. Pictures.

My story? Well, let’s see…I'm Kathleen Mills LPC-S and was born and raised in Michigan but got to Texas as quickly as I could. I have a degree in performance flute and was a band-leader at Lake Highlands High for 10 years, working with some of the brightest minds in the music space, before deciding to go back to school and become a counselor. Been married to the same guy forever, we have two grown sons, and here I am. To get to the point I believe I’ve hit just about every pot-hole there is along the way and I’m still rolling.

I love music. I love God. I love America. I love my family, and I love what I do.

What Is Wisdom?

A friend of mine once asked me what makes a good counselor and I replied, “Wisdom. A good counselor is one that knows how to listen”.

“So, listening is wisdom?”, he asked. I thought about that and said, “No, wisdom is the self-aware application of godly principles coupled with our own experiences, for the benefit of ourselves and others.”

“Where does it come from?”, he asked. “Wisdom comes from experience, and experience comes from living”, I said. “And since life comes from God, wisdom emanates from Him as well.”

What Is A Good Listener?

“And the listening?” he inquired. “Listening is the natural posture we assume after we realize that we don’t know all the answers!”, I told him. He began to smile.

“So, what makes a good listener, then?” to which I replied, “Wisdom! Wisdom enables a person to know when to listen, when to speak, and when just a smile is appropriate.”

We’re all given adequate wisdom by our Creator to keep us alive and answer most of the deep questions we have about ourselves and the world around us. Despite that, sometimes things can get a bit overwhelming, can’t they? What we need then is someone who can listen, and with the wisdom that only comes with, “been there, done that”, help us put the pieces together and make sense of what’s before us.

What Do I Need?

The irony of it all is that you already have all the pieces, you may just need an experienced listener to help you put them all together and admire the picture! I’ve been told many times, by reliable sources, that I’m a good listener. And, I like good pictures. I’d be delighted to help you with yours. Schedule some time with me and I’ll look forward to meeting you. Call me, Kathleen Mills LPC-S, at 972-234-6634  x104.

CIMHP and 2 AMHP Badges

Schedule An Appointment With Kathleen

  1. By Phone.

You may call 972-234-6634 x104 and leave her a message. She routinely returns calls left before 3pm within an hour (really!). So, keep your phone handy!  She will answer any questions or concerns you might have and then go from there. All calls after 3pm will be returned the next business day. You will still need to complete your pre-appointment paperwork so you'll want to arrive 15-20 minutes early if you choose this route.

   2. By Online Portal

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Years In Practice


Populations Served


Support & Treatment Offerings

  • Nutritional Assessment Provider and Educator/Youngevity Distributor
  • Lifewave Brand Partner and Educator
  • Nutritional Assessment Provider and Educator

Formal Education

  • Certified Integrative Mental Health Professional
  • Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor
  • Certified Employee Assistance Professional
  • Certified SYMBIS Assessment Facilitator
  • M. Ed. in Counselor Education, UNT

Recommended Books

  1. Pastor Voddie Buchanan: Nebuchadnezzar Loses His Mind
  2. Everybody is Sick, And I Know Why by Peter J Glidden, ND
  3. Lost In Trans Nation, Dr. Miriam Grossman
  4. The Courage To Face Covid 19, Dr. Peter McCollough
  5. Dr Wallach's Cooking Without The Bad Foods, Chef Norman Goodies
  6. Facing Codependence by Pia Melody

"Dealing With Covid" Information

Fee Structure

Self Pay: 8:00am-5:00pm  $120/hr

Self Pay: CIHMP (Wholistic Approach To Wellness: mind-body-spirit)  $120/1 hr.

Self Pay: SYMBIS: 5 weekly, consecutive sessions $110/hr

EAP/Insurance: 8AM-3PM


Self Pay: 8:00am-10:00am $185/hr

Self Pay: SYMBIS: 5 weekly, consecutive sessions $110/hr



Cancellation Policy

Our business is run on a finite number of business hours scheduled. We recognize that things sometime happen and you may need to cancel or reschedule an appointment. If so, please call at least 24 hrs in advance (no emails, please) and give us an opportunity to help someone else in that time slot.

Failure to cancel (24 hrs in advance) or show up for your scheduled session will constitute permission to bill you for the time you scheduled.