An Holistic Approach to Mental Health

"Most mental health issues are linked to physical manifestations elsewhere in the body. After many hundreds of hours of research and personal experience, I believe that if we give the body what it needs it will heal itself and that includes most mental issues."

--Kathleen Mills, LPC-S, CEAP, CIMHP

Allopathic vs Holistic Approaches

The tide is turning in the world of medicine. The Covid event opened a lot of public eyes in regards to how medical professionals approach their work and has fueled a renaissance in the public mind towards more treatment options and transparency. Clients want a cure not long-term symptom management. That fits well with a growing number of counseling professionals, including those of us at Life Tree Counseling, who have grown very restless with the idea that the answer to every problem is another pill. We want to be able to offer clients a whole body approach with more treatment options in pursuit of a cure. Let's look at some of the major differences between the allopathic and holistic approaches.


Allopathic ApproachHolistic Approach
Symptoms vs CureInterested almost exclusively in "symptom and pain management" treatment options. Each diagnosis is typically accompanied by a prescription for another pill.Utilizes a "cure the problem" approach and a model of the body as a complex system (body/mind/spirit) with the ability to fix itself by giving it what it needs.
Big PharmaInfluences every aspect of the allopathic industry: advertising, assessment approach (see above), diagnosis, and payments all with the goal of turning patients into lifetime pill customers. (No money in cures.) "Chemical imbalance", for example, is a common diagnostic phrase but there is currently no test that can prove or validate a chemical imbalance. Very little pharma-presence due to the holistic treatment model's curative approach. As a rule, psychiatric disorders are NOT medical diseases. Most mental issues have a direct link to a physical issue connected to diet, hydration, sleep or spiritual issues.
Insurance IndustryHeavily influences treatment options by requiring a diagnostic code for an illness, even if the provider doesn't believe it's justified, in order to pay that provider. Influenced by Big Pharma to turn a blind eye towards the Holistic industry. Largely opposed to non-allopathic treatments, and paying for them, primarily due to Big Pharma influence. Again, no money in curing things.
Private PracticeMost MD's today belong to a group practice, which belongs to a hospital chain. This was mandated by the Affordable Care Act. Corporate management now instructs them how to practice and what products to push.The majority trend amongst holistic practitioners is an independent practice business model. No one calling the treatment shots except you and you personal physician.

What I Believe

"I believe if you give the body what it actually needs, it has the ability to heal itself."

"I believe we have to take a look at five basic areas that affect all of us and our well being:
water, nutrition, exercise, light and sound exposures (in various forms)."

"I believe your mental health care, is your personal journey and involves a mind-body-spiritual focus
that requires your 100% participation."

"I believe you have alternative choices and options when dealing with mental health issues."

"I believe that unforgiveness can affect the body. We don't get everything we's a life long battle.  We need to take accountability and find ways to figure how to forgive and move forward while getting stronger as spiritual beings."

Questions You May Have

What Does This Cost?

This is a self-pay model. Since I will not give you a diagnosis, insurance will not cover this holistic approach for your care and well-being.

The fee is $120/hour for each appointment. We will strategically go through your situation in a logical, sequential manner. You will have homework and things to read and we will begin to figure out what works best for you. Typically I suggest we do a 10 session model, and then we will reassess from that point.

How Do We Get Started?

Give me a call at 972.234.6634 ext 104. When leaving a message on my confidential voice mail, let me know you're interested in possibly taking this approach to your well being. I will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have before you decide what is right for YOU!