Transgender Issue Support for Parents

"The transexual/transgender movement has been around since the 1950's. It exploded during the Covid lockdowns, especially amongst our young girls, in what's known as a social contagion, fueled and driven through the social media platforms. You are no more responsible for your child being pulled into this than you are if they caught a cold or the flu while at school. But it is by design and is a battle for the soul of your child.  You must take action before it's too late."

--Kathleen Mills, LPC-S, CEAP, CIMHP

Transgender Lies vs the Truth

The medical and mental health communities bought into what would prove to be a failed theory about "nature vs nurture" and the sexuality of humans back in the late '60's and early '70's. We have yet to recover from that misdirection. In fact, that theory has been weaponized and used as a tool to break up the nuclear family around the world. Lives and reputations have been built upon these disproven ideas but egos, money, and careers require a status quo, and here we are. Here you are, suffering the consequences of Man's pursuit of power and success at all costs. There is the Truth, and there is what you're being told.


Transgender LiesThe Truth
Word Games"Sex" is irrelevant now, "gender" is what matters; or they both mean the same thing."Gender" was first applied in the '50's to broaden the obvious and limiting definition of "sex" as male and female. It allowed an entire spectrum of sexual deviancies to be recognized on a path towards normalization.
All Professionals in Agreement? (No!)All medical professionals and the diagnostic tools they use are in complete agreement about the phenomenon called transgenderism, and how it should be dealt with.There is a large remnant of medical/mental health professionals that do not buy into the madness. The current takeover of professional org's, medical schools, and other officials driving the medical industry are a very small percentage of the entire field. They find themselves in key positions of influence and the believing sheep that make up the majority of their membership do what they're told with little to no critical thinking.
Guilt and Shame Tactics"Would you rather have a living trans daughter/son or a dead son/daughter?"These tactics have absolutely no role at all in legitimate, science-based diagnosis and treatment protocols. They exist to deflect from an empty ideology. It's like the professional adherents are all reading from the same talking point script. Ask yourself, "why?". Professionals who have used this “quote” or something similar to it, have absolutely no business practicing science-based, compassionate medicine.
The Nanny State"You're (parents) the problem." The break-up of the traditional family unit is their end-game. People are much more easily influenced if their support structure, morals, and spiritual values can be deconstructed.

What I Believe

"I believe that the nuclear family system as we know it is being attacked, by design. "

"I agree completely with the TX OAG office's opinion that the transitioning of a minor qualifies as "child abuse" based on Texas Family Law 261."

"I believe that a vast number of mental health professionals have bought in to the un-scientific delusion that is the transgender issue and how to treat it; that parents have a right to be skeptical and should be in order to prevent further harm to their child."

"I believe that the parents of the children victimized by the social contagion called transgenderism, are experiencing their own daily trauma issues as a result and need to be heard."

"I believe that there are very definite nutritional/diet-based issues that are fueling this social contagion. A lack of proper nutrition is fueling the child's inability to process normal events (puberty and related social development) and greatly hindering their cognitive abilities to process the transgender ideology properly."

Questions You May Have

Resources for Parents of Transgender Minors

Order "Lost in Trans Nation" from Amazon
Dr Miriam Grossman Psychiatrist and author of Lost in Trans Nation
Dr Miriam Grossman author of Lost in Trans Nation

Resources Page

Dr Grossman has assembled a comprehensive Resources Page. One of the best places to begin is by ordering her book from Amazon (click the book cover to the left and, no, we don't make a nickel from this recommendation). There is also an enormous list of resources in the back of that book so between that collection and her website resources page you'll be well on your way to getting a lot of questions answered.

What Does This Cost?

This is a self-pay model. Since I will not give you a diagnosis, insurance will not cover this holistic approach for your care and well-being.

The fee is $120/hour for each appointment. We will strategically go through your situation in a logical, sequential manner. You will have homework and things to read and we will begin to figure out what works best for you. Typically I suggest we do a 10 session model, and then we will reassess from that point.

How Do We Get Started?

Give me a call at 972.234.6634 ext 104. When leaving a message on my confidential voice mail, let me know you're interested in possibly taking this approach to your well being. I will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have before you decide what is right for YOU!