Laurence Saputra, LPC-S

Freedom. Authenticity. Choice.

Life is like a puzzle. Sometimes you are in a groove and it feels like the pieces are just falling into place. Other times you feel stuck, frustrated, or even hopeless. Maybe you begin to think that the pieces you need are missing. Or, you feel like you have been walking around with all your pieces in the box unsure of a safe place to settle into and start putting them together. Coming to see a counselor is like finding the perfect table to spread all your pieces on. I’m here to give you the freedom and space to start figuring it out again.

Sort The Pieces First

My name is Laurence Saputra and I work with people of all ages, specializing in exploring freedom from anxiety, depression, and trauma. I like to help people find their way back to authenticity like I have had to do myself. Sometimes the journey of “putting the pieces together”, or “launching” to the next stage of life, can be more than a little difficult, and it leaves you feeling lost, confused, stuck or even powerless. Don’t worry, you’re not crazy, and you’re definitely not the only one.

I am well acquainted with having to accept a new reality that I did not invite to the party. After watching my mother battle for her life over and over, constantly recovering and declining from various health conditions for years, it was disorienting when the ride was finally over. It can be hard to find hope or to believe that anything can be okay again when the axe finally falls, when your worst fears come into existence. You learn over time that there is no going back, and you have to learn to deal with the cards that you have been dealt.

Then, Assemble The Puzzle's Border

Life is about learning how these moments transform you. It’s about finding joy and beauty again when everything is broken. I have stood in the rubble before and I am ready to stand in it again by your side. I look forward to working with anyone who is ready to rebuild but doesn’t quite know where to start. If you are ready, the first step is to recognize that you don’t have to do it alone.

All you need is the desire to get your head on straight and get your life on the path you have chosen. Good for you.

Let me be a friend that helps you figure those things out.

What I’ll Bring To The Table

My role has (3) simple guidelines:

1. To understand your experience and help you discover your freedom again.

2. To be non-judgmental of any aspect of your life and be accepting of you and your authentic self.

3. To speak your language, and help you make sense of it all and make choices toward your preferred future.

I find if I honor these guidelines then we can quickly make progress toward assembling your plan. Then, getting the pieces to fall into place for you is right around the corner.

Come On, Give It A Try

There’s no shame in seeing a counselor. Think of it as visiting a friend. I’ve had my own personal mentor for over 8 years now and I spend time with him often, not only when I have a question or problem, but when things are going well, too. Those are the times I seem to learn the most, when my head is clear.

Chances are good that you read this and are considering giving us a visit. You have taken the first step by taking matters into your own hands and found us. Well, I’ve been down my own version of that dark, lonely, and confusing road that you’re on. I can’t walk it for you, in fact, I won’t! But I can surely help you learn to navigate your path, and give you the space to put all those puzzle pieces together. Scroll down just a bit and set an appointment with me or call me at 972-234-6634  x103. Then show up! It’s that easy.


“Showing up is 80% of life.”   -Woody Allen

Please Note

Laurence is only seeing clients via telehealth at this time.

Years In Practice


Populations Served

Adolescent, Young Professionals, Adults

Treatments Offered

  • Grief
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Work Stress
  • Life Transition
  • Trauma
  • Addiction
  • Rapid Mirror Neuron Psychotherapy (revisioning)

Formal Education

Bachelors in Psychology from University of Texas at Arlington 2008

Masters in Counseling and Development from Texas Woman's University 2015

Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor

Recommended Books

  1. Prisoners Of Our Thoughts: Viktor Frankel's Principals for Discovering Meaning in Life and Work
  2. My Quest For Beauty
  3. Man’s Search For meaning
  4. The Gifts Of Imperfection: Let Go Of Who You Think You’re Supposed To Be And Embrace Who You Are


The Hour of Land: A Personal Topography of America’s National Parks

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Hourly Rates

$125/hr for Self-Pay

Sorry, no Aetna!

Schedule An Appointment With Laurence

Please Note

Laurence is only seeing clients via telehealth at this time.

  1. By Phone.

You may call 972-234-6634 x103 and leave him a message. He routinely returns calls left before 3pm within an hour (really!). So, keep your phone handy!  He will answer any questions or concerns you might have and then go from there. All calls after 3pm will be returned the next business day. You will still need to complete your pre-appointment paperwork so you'll want to arrive 15-20 minutes early if you choose this route.

   2. By Online Portal

This route will allow you to:

  • Setup your client portal.
  • Complete the required paperwork, necessary prior to the first visit.
  • Simply go to the calendar icon (on your dashboard) to self schedule your first appointment.
  • Select the FIRST APPOINTMENT option and scheduled, If you are EAP please let me know! Thank you!

Seen us before and already completed your account setup and paperwork? This is the button for you!

  • Simply go to the calendar icon (on your dashboard) to self schedule your next appointment.

Cancellation Policy

Our business is run on a finite number of business hours scheduled. We recognize that things sometime happen and you may need to cancel or reschedule an appointment. If so, please call at least 24 hrs in advance (no emails, please) and give us an opportunity to help someone else in that time slot.

Failure to cancel (24 hrs in advance) or show up for your scheduled session will constitute permission to bill you for the time you scheduled.