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Stacy Ramsey, M.A., LPC, EAS-C

Transition. Growth. Purpose.

Stacy Metrin LPCStacy Metrin of Life Tree Counseling

Transitions are the bridges that link us to the next chapter in our lives. They are the pathways that link us together.  Life’s full of them; they look like our first day at school, our first encounter with a bully, that first kiss, and that last goodbye after our high school graduation. Some appear when we try to unload old baggage. They come in all sizes and degrees of difficulty, and they span the entire gamut of emotion.

Lately I’ve had a chance to reflect on my own life and I’ve realized that my story is full of transitions, some wonderfully welcomed and some that brought me to my knees. From each transition, I learned a little something about myself that has made handling the next crossing just a little bit easier, and explained a few things I never understood before. I think most of the time we fail to realize that while change can be a little scary, or painful, or both, it’s normal. In fact, it’s the only thing that fosters growth.

“Life is, at it’s very simplest, a never-ending series of transitions,

each having its own magical effect on the sum

of all transitions we have yet to experience!”


For me, my favorite aspect of my own transitions is a gifted ability (that we all have) to simply reflect upon the outcomes; to think about the godly nature of those that helped me along the way and how fortunate I’ve been; to reflect upon the lessons I’ve learned about myself, about those around me, and how I might return the favor to those I have yet to meet. It really gives me a sense that anything is possible for me and that, not only can I do it, but why not me?!

It wasn’t always a natural thing for me to do, in fact I’m still learning. I thought change meant I’d done something wrong or I wasn’t good enough. I had to realize first that change is normal, it transitions us to the next chapter in our lives and only then is meaningful introspection possible; only then will you be a purposeful blessing to others.

Are you experiencing a transition in your life right now? Need a little help? You’re not alone. Most of us need a little guidance when traversing our bridges. My name is Stacy Ramsey. Come on, I’ll walk with you. Give me a call.

Licensure/Credentials/Experience Positions

Licensed Professional Counselor Employee Assistance Specialist Clinician
Solution Focused Brief Therapist

Bachelor of Science in Education: John Brown University
Masters of Art in Counseling: LeTourneau University

Population Segments Served:
Adolescents and Adults
Individual, Couples, and Families

Treatment Offered:
Addiction Education, Anxiety Disorders, Codependency/Relational Issues, Depression, Grief/Loss,Life Transitions, Sobriety Maintenance, Parenting, Trauma.

Years In Practice: 4 years