Journey Into Recovery – Segment One: The Hope of Recovery

The process of recovery from addiction—whether it is addiction to substances, sex, work, food, spending, relationships, gambling—can feel quite overwhelming at times.  The initial stage of realizing you have a problem with any kind of addiction can be frightening and disorienting.

But, that stage of realizing there is a problem is a sign that you are already on the road to recovery.  ADMITTING that you have a problem with an addictive process in your life takes enormous courage AND through this courage, you can move into a life of recovery, happiness and freedom that is beyond description.

I will be presenting a series of short articles on the process of change and recovery which I hope will help someone along the way.  This first segment is an opportunity for me to encourage you to continue your process of self-discovery and recovery if you’ve found yourself within the grips of an addiction.

The addictive process does not discriminate.  It can affect ANYONE and it presents itself in many shapes—as I mentioned above.  You can find your life completely out of control—whether it be alcohol addiction, sex addiction or gambling addiction.  Although treatment can vary with regard to specific types of addiction, the devastating effects of an addiction are the same.

There is HOPE.  There IS life on the other side of the darkness of addiction.  There are many of us who are proof of this.  The process of recovery IS painful but it can also be full of hope, change and self-discovery—with the help of people who truly want to support you along the way.  The thing to remember is you’re not alone.  Those of us who have walked before you are here to give you hope.

If you’re still reading this, some of what you’ve read may resonate for you.  On a very deep level.  That’s a good thing.  You’ve opened the door.  Now it’s time to peek around the edge of the door and look in.  All you need now is willingness.  Willingness to walk through that door…

I understand that suffering, when it cannot be avoided, is here to help me on my way to my dreams.”  —Paulo Coelho

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Kathleen Mills

Kathleen is a creative and gifted therapist who has extensive experience in helping children, adolescents, and adults with a variety of issues.