ADD and ADHD: Positive Outcomes and Benefits

Strong Work Ethic and Perseverance

Although dealing with ADD and ADHD can be challenging, there a number of positive outcomes that result from managing the symptoms. A strong work ethic is often developed through the acceptance that things do not always come easy. Reading, for example, often requires frequent re-reading and looking back in an effort to counter distractibility. Understanding ADD and ADHD may require more time being spent on a task than others develops perseverance, a positive quality that is critical to achieving goals. Some of the positive outcomes of struggling with ADD and ADHD are attitudes like work ethic and perseverance that lead to feeling successful.

 Social Benefits

With the understanding that ADD and ADHD is accompanied with impulsivity, self-awareness and self-discipline must be active.  Learning compassion and acceptance of others are other beneficial attributes that are a by-product of the constant effort to control impulsive thoughts and actions.  An eagerness for meeting new people and a non-judgmental manner creates amazing social skills. Often the ability to use humor and present a different perspective on life draws people.  Loyalty and willingness to “be there” for friends are qualities that many find exceptional and result in long-term relationships.

 Problem Solving Skills

Problem solving skills may be one of the most valuable traits that develop through dealing with ADD and ADHD symptoms.  With the realization that most people’s brains do not work in the same manner as someone’s with ADD and ADHD, those dealing with it often experience the satisfaction of presenting the out-of-the-box solution.  Through experience, one accepts the responsibility of having to find the path or answer that will not be the way of everyone but is the unique answer for the ADD and ADHD mind. Employers, friends, and spouses appreciate and benefit from the creative approach to problem solving.


The personal qualities and life skills developed through the challenges of managing life with ADD and ADHD are definitely positive outcomes for forming relationships, achieving goals, and finding satisfaction in life.

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Kathleen Mills

Kathleen is a creative and gifted therapist who has extensive experience in helping children, adolescents, and adults with a variety of issues.