Health Care: Should You Even Care?

Health Care Overview

Topic: “Obamacare and Its Implications On Your Practice” The Affordable Care Act will affect your practice regardless of your business model. Find out how and gain some insights into what you can do about it to prepare.

Health Care: Should You Even Care?

As mental health professionals, should we be aware of or care about what is happening around us? Wasn’t the philosophy nearly “imprinted” on our minds in graduate courses, repeatedly reiterated by professors:

“Get all the degrees and various licenses to be equipped to counsel others, and, ‘They will come!’ Your self-paid, entitled success will be instant and abundant!”

However, many of you have experienced a rude awakening – “they” have NOT come! As a result, you have had to settle for having only a part-time private practice by adding another trade to supplement your income, or you have begun working for an agency, or for a case manager, instead of having what you really want and were promised: your own full and thriving, private practice. In reality, it takes much more than simply having the right training and credentials to be successful in our field today.

Not only is it helpful and extremely prudent to understand our business culture, the economy, applicable and direct federal laws, and other factors which affect our business. It is imperative! We must know what is happening in our field and in the world around us!

Health Care: History

In 2010,  signed into law was the Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare. It was challenged and went to the Supreme Court, who rendered its verdict on June 28, 2012. We are now on the verge of seeing the full implementation of this law, which goes into full effect in the very near future, on January 1, 2014.

Health Care: Expert Consultation

With all this in mind, I am pleased to announce that Heather Bowers will be starting our Symposium with current, up-to-the-minute information regarding the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, as it applies to the state of Texas.

She will review the employer delayed compliance mandate, the individual mandate, taxes and penalties, and other factors that can help you decide how to cultivate and grow your private practice, as you understand how this legislation impacts us. Heather will help you understand the brevity of what the “individual” is required to do as a direct result of the full implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

Health Care: Business Analysis

Do you think Obamacare will apply to the behavioral health community? Or just to the medical community? Will implementing an exclusive diet of only self-pay clients allow you to be exempt from the worries of Obamacare?…

Should you care? You decide!

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Kathleen Mills

Kathleen is a creative and gifted therapist who has extensive experience in helping children, adolescents, and adults with a variety of issues.