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Stacy Barnes LPC

My Story: Stacy Barnes LPC

Stacy Metrin LPCStacy Metrin of Life Tree CounselingI’m Stacy Barnes LPC. Your child’s transition is merely a stage of life, the outcome of which will renew your personal vitality if guided properly.


Your Family: Equip

Both parents and young adults are unique. Yet both share the same common demoninator, which is purpose, validation and belonging to one another. Navigating the transitional waters requires an “out of the box” response to help you equip, launch, and thrive!

You want to free yourself from being overbearing and/or alienating the one you love. Finding common ground is often a struggle for many, leading to a plethora of unhealthy lifestyle trends.

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Parents: Launch

You want to free yourself from being overbearing and/or alienating the one you love. I help transform parents out of the parenting job and into a mentoring position. I  help you celebrate the fruits of a job well done! I  help you “let go” and give your young adult the final set of tools to your young adult to get to the next level…without you! Finding common ground is often a struggle for many and typically can lead to a plethora of unhealthy lifestyle trends.

Teenagers/Young Adults: Thrive

I help and equip you into independent living, overcome mental health challenges, heal emotional wounds, while forging forward, constructing a healthy, meaningful future.

As a mother of three emerging adults, I am well versed in life transition as well as the challenges associated with private schools, public schools, and home-schooled children with a variety of educational and social needs. My fervent desire is to resourcefully strive to create a healthy balanced life, infused with realistic goals, confidence, and hope.

Let’s work together for the benefit of your child; for the benefit of your family!

Equip. Launch. Thrive!

Licensure/Credentials/Experience Positions

Licensed Professional Counselor

Bachelor of Science in Education: John Brown University
Masters of Art in Counseling: LeTourneau University

Population Segments Served:
Adults, Adolescents, Tweens, and Young Adults
Individual, Couples, and Families

Treatment Offered:
Abuse, ADHD, Addiction, Adjustment Disorders, Life Transitions, Anger Management, Anxiety/Anxiety Disorders, Boundary Setting, Conflict Resolution, Bullying, Depression, Eating Disorders, Grief/Loss, Mood Disorders, Oppositional Defiant Disorder Pervasive Developmental Disorders, Parenting, Relationship Difficulties, School Difficulties, Self-Esteem/Confidence, Social Skills, Stress Management, and Trauma

Years In Practice: 3 years