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Jordan Dunn LPC Intern
Supervised by Kathleen Mills LPC-S

My Story

Jordan Dunn LPC-InternHi. My name is JordanJordan Dunn, LPC-Intern at Life Tree Counseling Dunn LPC Intern and I am a counselor whose primary focus is to help you and your child-adolescent(s) get through the difficult times in their lives.


Tested: How I Got Here

I had some difficult teen years to navigate myself. My parents loved me and I loved them, it was how they felt about each other at times that I wasn’t so sure about. There was a looming threat of the “dirty word” in the house…divorce. We had enough inter-family relationship stressors going on already without having that cloud hanging over our heads. It impacted my brother and I just as you might expect, and it was sometimes difficult.

During my teen years I had no professional support network. Counseling of any type was not even an option. I’m from the south which can be challenge enough, but counseling was not a socially accepted thing to do then. I was, however, fortunate enough to have three things a lot of kids today don’t.

  • First, parents who despite their own differences, loved me and supported me.
  • I also had a strong, caring, and loving extended family of aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents that were always there for me.
  • Finally, and maybe even more importantly, I had, and still have, a best friend, Caleb, whom I still count’ as my BFF-2nd Class, having only been reduced in rank owing to my recent marriage to my new BFF-1st Class, Danielle. It’s okay, though, he understands.

Caleb was experiencing much the same thing in his home that I was in mine, so we became each others support system. We talked about things that had happened at home, and expressed feelings and thoughts that might not have been the type of thing you wanted to share with extended family. He was, and still is, a good listener and a reliable confidant, two good traits in any friend! We’ve been through a lot together which is why he was my Best Man at our wedding.

Resourceful: What I Did About It

At the impressionable age of 14, I focused my energy into positive channels and began my own study to, “heal myself!”, by researching my problems on the “baby-internet”. I found hope there in the information that was available and began to implement some of the coping techniques that I found. I’m not really sure but I think it helped.

It kept me from heading down the darker paths and I began to change the way I dealt with the things that were going on around me, to see that it wasn’t really about me. My main problems were just near me, and I could choose how I dealt with them, understanding that they would only affect me to the degree that I allowed them to.

There’s more to it than that, but I got through it where too many kids do not. There were some dark times beyond that point, but I utilized what I had learned in combination with my support network of friends and family in order to get through them. It made all the difference.

Strength: My Turning Point

Eventually my parents divorced and I headed off to college where two pivotal things happened to me; three, if you count eventually meeting Danielle, which I suppose it would be very wise to do!

  • I took a psychology course which turned my head around and properly introduced me to the human mind and what makes us tick.
  • That gave me the strength to then seek the counseling that had not been made available to me during my teen years and from there I was hooked!
  • I found out I was not alone and more importantly, I found out I could help other kids deal with the type of emotional storms I had endured, and so here I am.

Jordan Dunn LPC Intern: How Can We Help Each Other?

When our emotional growth needs aren’t met we go looking for our own source of peace. Some kids turn to drugs, some to unhealthy relationships, some to cutting and a dozen other ways kids scream for help. Some just give up and opt-out but I got lucky. Being a teen in America today is beyond tough. It can be deadly, and that’s why I do what I do.

One of my favorite quotes is from Steve Jobs. He said,

“If you are working on something that is exciting,
that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed.
The vision pulls you.”

That’s how I feel about the work I do, and that’s why I passionately want to help your kids! If you think we might be a good match for your child, click on the leaf at the top of the page and let’s get something scheduled for you.

Tested. Resourceful. Strength.